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Make this a faptastic new year!

 Men:  Master your bate!

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No, I didn’t forget about you!

Every once and a while my PC will take itself to a porn site and contract a virus.  I’ve explained to my PC that it is very unhealthy, not to mention insolent and terrifying in a Twilight Zone kind of … Continue reading

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Fooky’s Freaky Friday Films: Baby Sitting Snake


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Fooky’s Freaky Friday Films: Japanese Nut Slap Game

What a year it’s been!  Felt like being thwacked in the nuts!  

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Fooky’s Freaky Friday Films: Funky Forest

From a movie called Funky Forest… Warning! Do not watch this while you’re tripping!  Very, very Japanese. Does not star the unshaved cunt of Bette Midler,  Lady Gaga or Yogi Bear.

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Fooky’s Freaky Friday Films: Korean Girls Karaoke

Not the best quality, but worth the watch.  Very funny.  They have the moves. If you know of a better source please let me know.

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Fooky’s Freaky Friday Films: Hitler and The iPad

This is a parody published under fair use as defined by US copyright law.    

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Muffinism by Cyriak’s Muffin

The thing about “no” I don’t get is the part where I don’t get what I want. I know right? And then he was like, “Look at the button,” and I was all like, “Look at the shoe!”.

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The Foreskin (Exquisite Corpse #1)

This cadavre exquis is entitled: “The Foreskin”.  The original pulp cover is courtesy of swallace99 and was modified by our own John Slaughter.  What is “Exquisite Corpse” and how do I do play? It’s simple, just use the comments box to … Continue reading

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Our Strange New Blog (for adults only)

I guess you’re expecting some kind of explanation? Well, we were in the middle of building this blog when chunks of a sudden,  Uncle Clevis was struck with the Sudz Whiffle Poop Virus (SWPV).  Everyone knows that building a blog … Continue reading

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