Hey you, artist… come here a minute…

Here’s the deal: we’ve got some great art for Fookleyur.com.  So if you want in, here’s what’s left:

There are some short stories that need illustration, and this, the blog needs artwork for the banner.

We need illustration of the concept “Ode-Differ-US”


1. Odiferous =  A shortened variant of odoriferous = having or diffusing a strong odor

2. Ode-differ-us

Ode  =     a lyric poem

Differ =   to be dissimilar or unlike OR to have different opinions about something

Us   =       You and Me!

My DA account for more info:



My friend, John Slaughter is coordinating the overall design, you can contact him at: http://www.slaughterart.com

PS I think they also want a custom made WordPress theme made out of the artwork.

About Blogleyur

Absurdist fiction writer, pataphysicist , weaboo exorcist, non-sequitur poet and paladin of idiocy, fugleman of The Foo, footman at Ministry of silly walks, assistant Oddhobby coryphaeus, amateur codder, Usenet legend, carbon based mugwump, couch potato, and ordained deacon in The Church of the SubGenius.

What is an absurdist?
A non sequitur comedy writer (i.e. weirder than The Mighty Boosh, but not quite as odd as Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bo Bo). Or am I?

A new stupid, (half) perverted site soon at http://www.fookleyur.com.

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One Response to Hey you, artist… come here a minute…

  1. Hey Fooky, it’s about time you put something here.

    Anyone wanting to contribute, can contact me via Deviantart or Flickr.


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