President Obama Resigns!

 WASHINGTON — The White House has confirmed that Barack Hussein Obama has officially resigned as the twice elected president of the United States.   After dozens of failed attempts to discredit Mr. Obama with accusations concerning his place of birth, a teen homicide, and even a failed sex change, the president was finally brought down by his own attempt at nationalizing health care.

ObamaResignsAfter spending almost 48 billion dollars, it was reveled that only 370 people have actually signed up for Obama care, the majority of whom are illegal immigrants smuggled in from China.   The plot was discovered when a Malaysian airliner full of “CIA trained healthcare registrants” went missing and an investigation discovered they were all pro-Obamacare.

Republicans have reportedly served the Obama family with an invoice, demanding that they repay almost 3 and a half billion dollars in club memberships and vacation expenses.

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esquire, long time Obama foe, is concerned, “He may flee the country and is seek asylum in his Kenyan homeland.  If Mr. Obama finally admits he is a Kenyan born, Kenyan citizen, he would be protected from extradition.   The sad fact is, we’ll probably be paying off the Obama’s recreation debts for years to come.”

The vacationing Obama family was not available to play the race card.


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