The Foreskin (Exquisite Corpse #1)

This cadavre exquis is entitled: “The Foreskin”.  The original pulp cover is courtesy of swallace99 and was modified by our own John Slaughter

What is “Exquisite Corpse” and how do I do play?

It’s simple, just use the comments box to submit your version of what happens next in the story. 

You can introduce new characters; change the POV, the plot, pretty much anything you want. These stories are what I call Amphi-Sequitur so your submission should be somewhat related to the previous submission–that’s the only “rule”.  However, your entry doesn’t have to be “absurd”! 

If there is no previous submission, you can be the first!  So, don’t be shy!

Because of the spam filtering process, your entry will not appear right away. Sorry.

The story begins…   

[Being a gracious host, I will allow you, my guests to begin…
…however, if no one submits after a few weeks, I’ll write a beginning.]



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3 Responses to The Foreskin (Exquisite Corpse #1)

  1. Not such a long time go , in a galaxy which was soon to be summoned to meet its Maker, a light, without apparent causing, suddenly turned on, revealing….HER! Yes, it was truly SHE, the where-it-was girl, sister to the Pretender and sole possessor pro tem of the Mighty Foreskin.

    Came the dawn, and

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