What the hell is an Absurdist?

…on my blog you’ll find the absurd, in various forms:

  • “Non-sense” stories like those by Lewis Carroll
  • Absurdity like Douglas Adams… 
  • Dead Dictator porn (from Kim Jong Il’s and Saddam Hussien’s private stash)

I will also add regular features like:

  • Fooky’s Freaky Friday Films
  • Fooky’s Freaky Friday Fashions
  • Other stuff, even if it doesn’t start with the letter “F”,  like:
  • TV and Mechanical Whore Reviews, and “Exquisite Corpse” games!

Confused? Learn about “non-sequitur

Where’s The Blog Introduction and New Site Status?


Looking for the Suds Whiffle Poop Virus and the blog’s introduction story?

Looking for news on the status of my new site?
Click this link or type status in the search box. 


For status you can also just sign up for the RSS feed 


About Blogleyur

Absurdist fiction writer, pataphysicist , weaboo exorcist, non-sequitur poet and paladin of idiocy, fugleman of The Foo, footman at Ministry of silly walks, assistant Oddhobby coryphaeus, amateur codder, Usenet legend, carbon based mugwump, couch potato, and ordained deacon in The Church of the SubGenius.

What is an absurdist?
A non sequitur comedy writer (i.e. weirder than The Mighty Boosh, but not quite as odd as Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bo Bo). Or am I?

A new stupid, (half) perverted site soon at http://www.fookleyur.com.

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