I know, just what the internet needs, another pointless blog.  However, I was one of the first absurdists on the internet.  So, my original site was pointless long before people stopped reading, and pictures of cats became the new lingua franca for couch potatoes who abandoned their TVs and gorged themselves on internet memes.  Youtubers.

“But Fooky, I hate to read!”  Yes, I know.
“I just want to see naked people!”  Yes, I know.
“But your stuff is weird and crazy…”
“…and your naked people are creepy!”  Thanks, maybe I should write a blog!

A couple of other things you should know about this blog.  It’s for adults only–intelligent adults.  Youngsters should never view creepy naked people and stupid people should never try to understand non-sequitur humor.  Waiting for my new site to open?  I’ll update the status here.

For help on absurdism start here

Fookleyur Fooky Fook Of The Foo

Non-Sequitur Poet and Paladin of Idiocy


Absurdist fiction writer, pataphysicist , weaboo  exorcist, non-sequitur poet and paladin of idiocy, fugleman of The Foo, assistant Oddhobby coryphaeus, amateur codder,  Usenet legend,  carbon based mugwump, couch potato,  Hayden Planchette of the Ouija Board of Directors and ordained deacon in The Church of the SubGenius.


Fun Facts:

  • Interests: slimy warm orifices; sloth and gluttony;corrupting the youth of ancient Athens
  • Current Residence: John Slaughter’s basement chained to a radiator
  • Favourite movie: Un Chien Andalou; The Delicatessen, Nothing But Trouble, anything by Stephen Chow (to be continued…Smilie: ;)
  • Favourite band or musician: Frank Zappa; Parliament; Mother’s Finest
  • Favourite genre of music: Hmung Chanting
  • Tools of the Trade: A demented brain, a pair of binoculars and a neighbor’s open window
  • Pant sizing preference: extra puffy
  • Favourite artist: John Slaughter!
  • Favourite poet or writer: Me, Cadmium Flute, Mitch Hedburg, Queen of Cans and Jars, Yoshio Sawai
  • Favourite photographer: The guy who stalks Paris Hilton’s crotch
  • Favourite style of art: art that is eatable, boneable or colon cleansing
  • Wallpaper of choice: “Merkin Mayhem”
  • Favourite game: you dress up like a maid and dust the lower shelves (if you catch my drift)
  • Favourite gaming platform: naked females atop a heart shaped bed
  • Favourite cartoon character: me, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Drinkey Crow, Duckman, Venture Bros, Sealab, ATHF, Beavis & Butthead
  • Personal Quote: “Sculpting is easy unless you use your tongue”
  • Favorite food:  Baby food (made with organically grown babies), pre-chewed Panda placenta with freshly spat tobacco sauce. Giant Hogweeds.   (Yeah, some of my stuff is just plain sophomoric).

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