Artist Credits

I am very lucky to have such talented artists contribute their work to my site.

There’s a lot of good stuff on the web–most of it is free!   It’s supported only by your good will. 

If you’ve never supported “anyone” on the net, please consider how happy you’d be if you owned a mug or chain chain worthy of your unique tastes in art.

The artists only make a tiny profit from these products (often less than 10%).  However, it does let them know their work is appreciated and you get a very rare collectable and a good luck charm; the benefit of good Karma!  

How can you help?

If the artist has a “DeviantArt” account, just go to their DA page and click on the “prints” icon, and you’ll see the products that the artist has for sale.  It’s really easy!



…meet the artists!

John Slaughter – If not for John Slaughter I wouldn’t have had my first web site, my new web site, or this blog!  I think he’s spent more time on my stuff than his!  So he really is a friend, a fan, and an excellent artist. 

You can visit his Slartpad at:  and  his blog:  Olio  

Most importantly, please visit his DeviantArt account, buy a Marie mug, you’ll make everyone’s day!

* * *

Disintegration poops

peewee Gonzoid
– His book belongs on your coffee table, or your herion table, or tattoo’d on the head of your favorite barber.
The book: “Disintegration poops”.
Visit his Flickr page.


* * *

Ode-Differ-Us Banner Artwork

Sander Jansen – Sander is one of the best pencil artists I know of; it’s his work you see on the banner of this blog. On DeviantArt, Sander is known as UberZombie. Sander also has a “Zazzle” account under the name Surrealizer. Both DeviantArt and Zazzle have been around for a long time; good places to buy art.  Safe and easy! 

Sander’s mugs, fridge magnets and key chains:

Mugs, fridge magnets and key chains

Sander’s new online store:

* * *


Ode-Differ-US cover art, Winter 2011

Yves Lecoq – I’m lucky to have so many accomplished surrealists who have allowed me to feature their work on my odd little blog.  Yves is on of the few photographers I’ve featured.  Back in the last golden age of music, I enjoyed surreal album covers drawn by Roger Dean and Frank Franzeta (just to name two).   Hipgnosis was one of the first design companies (that I remember) that created surrealistic photo art.   They created amazing images long before Photoshop was available–work that didn’t look “shopped” (fake).  Yves work doesn’t look like “photo manipulation” it looks… like art!  

Visit his Flickr Page

* * *


Ode-Differ-US cover art, Jan-Feb-March 2012

Antanas Dubra –  With paper, plastic or bricks, Antanas Dubra creates work that looks like it’s from a very weird story book.  Lucky for me, I get to write some of those stories. 

The House That Antanas Built

Antanas is from Vilnius, Lithuania and you can see his works on some of its city walls.  Like me, Antanas needs a pro Flickr account.  If you have some spare cash, please donate an account. 

 Visit his Flickr Page  


* * *

Ode-Differ-US cover art, April 2012

Sea Moon – Here’s a testimonial from a fellow Flickr member…
… Janet Waters ( jedw.40cat ) :

“Sea Moon is the most inspirational photographer I have ever come across. His work is a constant source of wonderment and influence for me.

He produces awe-inspiring, beautiful images of unnoticed and obscure objects, encounters and experiences. His imagination and sense of irony knows no bounds.

Sea Moon was one of my very first contacts on flickr – supportive, positive and encouraging. He also has a wicked sense of humour which can suddenly manifest itself in your comments box.

Thank you Sea Moon.”

Sea Moon’s work has a big role on the new site, his images well be used as definitions to words that have no definition (i.e. “nonce words” and neologisms)! 

Visit his Flickr Page


Ode-Differ-US cover art, August 2012

Carrie Ann BaadeMe: “I want to use one of your fantastic paintings as a cover for Ode-Differ-Us.  It’s a woman with 3 eyes and lace.”
Carrie:  “strangely…3 eyes and lace covers a lot …” 
My kind of artist!

“Carrie was born in Louisiana inside a house made from a riverboat that had caught fire and was brought ashore. Later moving to Colorado, she played with the bones from dead horses and fallen branches while attempting to make a barren world something exciting. Saving up her money, she traveled around the world exploring art museums and pondering ancient civilizations. After much eye gorging on five continents, she discovered that she had no talent for foreign language and returned home.

Now she planed to paint, but what? With rage and dissatisfaction, she attacked her library of art books, mercilessly tearing off their spines, and releasing the pages from their bindings. Out of this sea of pictured paper, she used her scissors to up the images of paintings creating her own out of the fragments. Pleased with her creation, she busied herself with repainting these collaged articles into new masterpieces. In the end, she discovered that her own work was far more entertaining than the old paintings they came from.

Carrie Ann Baade’s autobiographical oil paintings are allegorical narratives inspired by literature and art history. These parables combine fragments of Renaissance and Baroque religious paintings, resulting in surreal landscapes inhabited by exotic flora, fauna, and figures.”
To see more visit her site,

* * *

Other Artists and art links: 

…please don’t get mad, one more friendly reminder, if you can, please give support.  I’m not asking that you buy something once a year, just once–if you can. 

Censorship By Fran Harrington

Nude 0068 by Pelicanh

Curled By Jyn MeyerDesign








Unattributed, Fair Use Art, Public Domain, Etc.

Most of the art here is used with the explict permission of the artists.   It is copyrighted by the artists.  John and I make every effort to locate artists and get their permission before we use it on the blog.   On my main site we never use art under the “fair use” act, but on the blog we try to be a little bit more liberal with the images people send to us.   So if you see your work here and there is no link, and no credit, please contact us and we will either add credit or remove the image.




To our visitors and fans:

If you see artwork with the watermark displayed on other sites; please let us know.  If you see any uncredited art here, and you know who the artist is, please let us know. 



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